PreHCM Product Line

Product PreHCM Mobile PreHCM International PreHCM Government PreHCM Microwave PreHCM EMF
Purpose Frequency allocation and coordination Frequency allocation and coordination Manage frequency authorization Microwave radio authorization Electromagnetic field compliance (EMF)
Dedicated to German mobile network Operators Non-german mobile network operators Public telecommunication authorities Microwave network operators Mobile network operators
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Spin-Off Solutions

Product HCM Pattern Optimizer HCM Coverage Antenna Management System
Purpose Calculate and optimize antenna pattern based on the HCM agreement Display the radio propagation of mobile sites according to HCM standard Centralized antenna repository, sourcing your complete planning tool landscape
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Helper Tools

Product HCM DLL Geo Check
Purpose An executable HCM DLL wrapping the HCM version 7 FORTRAN algorithms Calculate checksums for topography morphology and border vector data
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