Site optimization for T-Mobile regarding HCM agreement

Site optimization for T-Mobiles GSM and UMTS sites

Optimal radio planning designs provide target quality with minimal investment. Border coordination obligations change this paradigm in border areas.

Provisions of the HCM agreement (Harmonized Calculation Method) can limit the maximal emitted field strength of a site in proximity of the border.

Mentopolis has added a HCM optimization module to their PreHCM product suite to improve the situation for problematic sites.

The optimization uses 2 scenarios:

Changing and tuning input parameters of the HCM calculation can reduce field strength by 1 - 6 dBµV/m. This may already improve HCM conformity of a certain radio site sectors.

This process does not touch on the rest of an existing radio coverage-planning design. No re-evaluation or redesign of unaffected site footprints is required. This advantage makes the use of HCM optimization perfectly fit to optimizing already deployed large networks in a very cost efficient way.

In a second option, PreHCM produces alternative planning scenarios with changed RF-parameters that may give an improved HCM conformity. By that, radio planner can easily evaluate their planning scenarios at an early state.

T-Mobile - a leading German mobile operator performed an assessment of radio sites regarding HCM conformity. As a result, T-Mobile gained a resource increase at minimal cost.

HCM optimization fits seamless in a mobile network operator radio planning process. Hereby the already existing automation level of PreHCM is increased. Optimized HCM prediction calculations can also be integrated in radio planning tools via WebServices.

We are happy to demonstrate all aspects and benefits of HCM optimization to you.

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