PreHCM Web service got integrated in PegaPlan

Integration in T-Systems Radio Planning Tool

Pegaplan* (, T-Systems well known radio planning tool, enables mobile network operators to design a high quality and cost efficient network. During the design process extra cost can be avoided by respecting and incorporating all rules and regulations of cross border agreements.

One customer requirement is to save cost and investment by developing robust planning scenarios without the need for later site modifications or fundamental changes to already existing designs. WebServices from PreHCM provides integrated HCM support to the PegaPlan* radio planning tool.

This gives the radio planner the advantage of

  • To produceseamless evaluation of an early design state regarding HCM conformity
  • HCM optimization and improvement of HCM site conformity in vicinity of the border
  • Tool provides alternative scenarios to be directly incorporated into coverage prediction calculation

Connecting PegaPlan* and PreHCM allows you to view your radio planning designs from 2 different angles (radio planning and border coordination according to HCM agreement).

This combination allows for minimal impact due to regulatory constraints and increases planning dependability.

* PegaPlan is a registered trademark of T-Systems International GmbH

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