e*Message counts on our Service "Frequency assignment"

Optimizing the frequency request process

e*Message, the industry leader for Paging services in continental Europe operates a country wide Paging service in Germany. This Paging network offers excellent area coverage and good service availability for demanding customers. In the last years the role of this Paging service even increased by adding more and new services to it ranging from weather monitoring sites and going to mission critical services of public safety groups (such as police and fire departments).

 A cornerstone to outstanding network quality is optimal frequency management. e*Message is banking on PreHCMs service "Frequency assignment" since 2010.

The customers’ Business Process Frequency request has been noticeable improved. Sites in proximity to border areas which exceed field strength thresholds can be identified and measures can be taken already during the radio planning process. Additionally a HCM optimizing feature delivers the optimal planning scenario. This approach allows for best utilization of existing site infrastructure and low cost for site modifications.

e*Message values the high degree of process transparency and process optimization. Since January 2012 our service “Frequency assignment” is also used for professional Trunked Radio Networks.

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