We started providing software solutions for business process automation in the area of telecommunication regulatory management back in 1998. Regulatory and licence constraints add challenges to mobile network operators daily business as they are easily conflict with economical goals for radio network planning. PreHCMs vision was to ease, streamline and automate our customers business processes for frequency assignment, frequency allocation, requests to authorities etc. PreHCM supports network operators to fulfil their obligations according to telecommunication act (TKG §55) in an efficient way. Our product portfolio allow our customer to handle telecommunication regulatory obligations in a standardised and comfortable way.

PreHCM software solutions are used by public mobile network operators to comply with international cross border agreements obligations and to meet their ambiguous network quality targets.

In the past years PreHCM added new business process solutions. This includes frequency license request processes for both microwave radio transmission and trunked radio networks. Also an EMC application process for radio sites was added. Design methodologies evolves but the key success factor – our modular software framework – stays as the basement of future developments. This approach allows for fast and agile response to changed needs of our customers.

Initially developed by Mentopolis CSC GmbH the success of our product suite required a dedicated new company to focus and support the fast growing business. This led to the spin-off of a new company PreHCM GmbH Services founded in 2013.

PreHCM Services GmbH has been taken over by T-Systems International in 2014.


Our teams research and develop applications for telecommunications regulatory management. Our close partnership with various players in this industry enable PreHCM to position themselves as experts for telecommunication regulatory management covering all aspects from licencing, over administrational processes down to technical processes. Our teams comprise of consultants for licensing, regulatory affairs and administrational and radio planning aspects of telecommunication regulatory issues. We implement standard setting solutions and tailor these fitting customer needs best.

Expertise combined with fast and agile teams result in short lead times and deliver quick results. With these capabilities we successfully support our customers in a world of increasing bureaucracy and shrinking budget.

Our cross functional teams are staffed with experts for electronics, telecommunications and IT. This approach delivers not only best results for software design. It is also mandatory for counselling and providing expert studies. This let us evaluate regulatory requirements and predict impacts on our customers business.

Facts and Figures

More than 18 % of our staff eat lunch at home with their families

More than 27 % female to male labour force participation

More than 63 % of our staff take part in weekly preventive back pain training

Number of employees: 11 ;-)

How we work

We act highly flexible and result driven. Kanban and Scrum are mostly used but shaped according to customer requirements and needs. Our long established partnership with our customers made us a part of their transition and allow us to proactively anticipate upcoming demands.

Developers are artists – and so are ours. Creativity demands freedom. We live and breathe a culture of creativity, fruitful dispute and healthy competition for the benefit of our customers. team culture and working ethics that value openness, transparency and flat decision making processes are our key success factors. Stovepipe thinking and hierarchical organisation are not to be found at PreHCM Services. Motivation will constantly fueled by exactly knowing everybody’s role in the livecycle of a product and 100% responsibility will broaden views and add to job enrichment. We enjoy the moment when innovative ideas turned into reality.

Committees and Associations

We act as representative on behalf of our customers towards telecommunications regulatory authorities. We also add expertise to international committees and working groups in this field. We support standardisation processes for data formats, processes, interfaces and improve telecommunication regulatory management.

We believe smart regulation can facilitate reconcilement of interest amongst political and commercial players. PreHCM contributes to bodies and associations to add expertise and to assure practicality of decisions.

Electronic Communications Committee PT1 (ECC PT1)

Professioneller Mobilfunk e.V.

Software Working Group Mobile Services


ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Certification

PreHCM Services GmbH has established and applies an information security management system according to "Statement of Applicability" for

Operation of the German HCM reference network for mobile network operators and services of the PreHCM Services GmbH (evaluations, analyzes and studies) based on the data and information of the HCM reference network.

  • TÜV Certificate ISO/IEC 27001:2013 german


    Certificate ISO/IEC 27001:2013
    Valid from 2016-12-04 until 2019-12-03
    Registration No. 12 310 46772 TMS

    pdf 371 KB

  • TÜV Certificate ISO/IEC 27001:2013 english


    Certificate ISO/IEC 27001:2013
    Valid from 2016-12-04 until 2019-12-03
    Registration No. 12 310 46772 TMS

    pdf 368 KB

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